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A Pressing Question

“Are teachers still necessary in today’s learning environment?” Or… Do we even need teachers anymore?   This was the provocative question posed over a family lunch recently. As you can imagine (especially if you know that my family is filled with teachers), it led to much debate.   I should add that this question was […]

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SALE to celebrate 2000 followers!

I remember how I felt the day I opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store: nervous, hesitant, excited, apprehensive. I loved creating engaging resources for my own classroom, and was passionate about making materials attractive for teenagers; I just had no idea if people would find my little store and buy my items.   I remember the thrill […]

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An Often Thankless Job

Unfortunately, teaching is often a thankless job. Especially for High School teachers (Confession: I used to watch with envy as my primary-schoo-teacher-flatmate used to come home laden with gifts at the end of the year, silently cursing the ungrateful teenagers I taught).   So, this Teacher Appreciation Week (4th – 8th May) all the great […]

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Those Who Can…

Teachers in our society aren’t viewed as professionals.   This really hit home for me when I first saw myself through the eyes of a 14-year old boy.   Let me take you into one of my classes a few years ago. I was giving a career-guidance lesson to my 9th graders and somehow university […]

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Why Not What

[The following is a guest blog post by Lara. Read more about the author here.] My name’s Lara. I’m a copywriter. I come up with the words that most effectively sell a product or campaign. Want to hire me?   No? Hmmm… let’s try that again.   Words have power. Words tell stories. Words are […]

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Meet Lara

This is Lara. She lives in Norfolk, England in a gorgeous little Victorian terrace home with her DIY and decorating-mad fiancé – a house that is gradually getting smaller with each new coat of paint they add. She is planning her wedding for later this year, mainly by making Pinterest boards. She is a copywriter […]

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Teachers Are Heroes

I did my student teaching at an underprivileged school in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s an amazing school, with incredibly dedicated teachers doing great work with teenagers from a particularly rough neighbourhood. Many of these kids come from broken homes, have been driven into gangs, and subjected to drugs and violence on a daily basis. Teaching […]

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