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Teachers Pay Teachers Turns 10!

Who doesn’t love a good celebration? My good friends over at TeachersPayTeachers are celebrating their 10th anniversary this month. Indeed, in April 2006 Paul Edelman started the website to help put better resources in the hands of teachers; to better equip them with the tools they need to enhance their teaching and make their lives a little bit easier.


Ten years later the website has blossomed and bloomed into the amazing treasure trove it is today.


I first discovered TeachersPayTeachers back in 2013. I had recently moved to Canada, and was waiting for my work visa to come through. Twiddling my thumbs and struggling to fill my time (Can you tell that I am one of those that need to be busy?), I got involved with an amazing NGO back in South Africa, and started writing curriculum for them, providing under-resourced schools with engaging resources to help aid their teaching. Saying that I loved the work is definitely an understatement. I learned about graphic design and font pairings. I studied curricula. I created lesson plans. I worked 15 hours a day (aided by the fact that my husband was a graduate student working similar hours). I came alive.


When the project ended, I was at a loss. I had found my passion and needed an outlet. So, I did what all millenials would do… I turned to Google and found my way to TeachersPayTeachers. I opened my store almost immediately.


You could say that the rest is… history. But it’s not. It is very much my present and, hopefully, my future. I love creating academically engaging resources which are also visually stimulating and attractive, and TpT provides me with an outlet to share this passion with fellow educators. It’s a pretty wonderful relationship. Plus, I believe deeply in the service the website provides. The concept is downright outstanding: thousands of incredible, innovative and passionate teachers sharing their ideas and talents with teachers all around the globe. What’s not to love?


So, TpT, here’s to you this month!


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