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A Pressing Question

“Are teachers still necessary in today’s learning environment?” Or… Do we even need teachers anymore?   This was the provocative question posed over a family lunch recently. As you can imagine (especially if you know that my family is filled with teachers), it led to much debate.   I should add that this question was […]

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Why Not What

[The following is a guest blog post by Lara. Read more about the author here.] My name’s Lara. I’m a copywriter. I come up with the words that most effectively sell a product or campaign. Want to hire me?   No? Hmmm… let’s try that again.   Words have power. Words tell stories. Words are […]

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Festive Commercials for Teaching

At the end of the year it is often difficult to inspire students to focus in the classroom. There’s far too much excitement going on outside with the holidays approaching, thoughts of Christmas, families visiting and snow-play for many. So we often have to be even more creative in our lesson planning than at any other time of the year.

Fortunately, the festive season lends itself to excitement.

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