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Teachers Pay Teachers Turns 10!

Who doesn’t love a good celebration? My good friends over at TeachersPayTeachers are celebrating their 10th anniversary this month. Indeed, in April 2006 Paul Edelman started the website to help put better resources in the hands of teachers; to better equip them with the tools they need to enhance their teaching and make their lives a […]

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Guest Blog Post

by Adele Levin   Differentiated Instruction (or ‘mixed ability teaching’) is hard. It will not work for the teacher who likes to rock up as the bell sounds and leave when the students do. But then I don’t know any good teachers who do that. Differentiated instruction is, however, good for our students.   But […]

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A Pressing Question

“Are teachers still necessary in today’s learning environment?” Or… Do we even need teachers anymore?   This was the provocative question posed over a family lunch recently. As you can imagine (especially if you know that my family is filled with teachers), it led to much debate.   I should add that this question was […]

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SALE to celebrate 2000 followers!

I remember how I felt the day I opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store: nervous, hesitant, excited, apprehensive. I loved creating engaging resources for my own classroom, and was passionate about making materials attractive for teenagers; I just had no idea if people would find my little store and buy my items.   I remember the thrill […]

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Those Who Can…

Teachers in our society aren’t viewed as professionals.   This really hit home for me when I first saw myself through the eyes of a 14-year old boy.   Let me take you into one of my classes a few years ago. I was giving a career-guidance lesson to my 9th graders and somehow university […]

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